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Close Protection and 3rd Party Protection – Defending a 3rd party (a friend, family member, a VIP, a fellow officer) against all kinds of attacks and threats; dealing with one or more attackers; moving, evacuating and taking care of the other person; functioning under different conditions in different environments and locations.


Don’t miss the opportunity and join us on 31st of January at specially designed seminar for Private Security Personnel (CPO’s) and Civilians who wants to learn how to look after their beloved ones in life threatening situations.

  • Learn the necessary tactical, mental, technical and physical skills in subjects of hand-to-hand combat, armed and unarmed fighting skills and tactics, 3rd party and VIP protection.


  • Work on your courage, controlled aggression and determination, fighting spirit and combat mindset, situational awareness, as well as avoidance, prevention tactics and verbal de-escalation of conflict, whenever the need and the possibility arise 

Krav Maga Close Protection

Krav Maga Close Protection (professional) is the ability to protect public, wealthy or political figures who are deemed to be at risk. In an ever-increasing market where the demand for highly qualified Close Protection Services is on the increase, the modern day Close Protection Operative (or Bodyguard) is required to ensure that the core skills that are required to carry out their role are maintained to the highest standards in an increasing competitive industry

Why Krav Maga for Close Protection ?

CPO’s are often thought to be reliant on the use of firearms to carry out their duties in a situation of conflict, or “Attack On Principal” (AOP), against a protected person however, in a politically sensitive world, whereby the carriage of firearms is becoming more stringent, where the level of conflict doesn’t legally allow the use of firearm, or when it is too dangerous to use a firearm during an AOP, the need to possess unarmed combat and defensive tactics is a required skill for all those working in, or seeking work in, the global Close Protection Market.

Place of the Seminar:

Thanks to the venue management the event will take place in Hippodrome nightclub with capacity of 2500 people. Multiple rooms/staircases/ open and close areas/ low light, the unique place offers perfect environment for scenario and Close Quarter Combat (CQC) training. 


Certified Krav Maga Global (KMG) Close Protection Instructor, Expert Level 2 in Self Defense will run the course accompanied by another Expert Level Instructors.

Event Details:


Date:  31st January 2015


Time:  10AM - 3PM (possibility of later finish)


Place:  Hippodrome,1 St James Road,

              Kingston upon Thames,

              Surrey KT1 2AH


Price:  £55.00 per participant

Number of places is limited so register now by using the form below to avoid disappointment !

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