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  • Are you a typical hard-working individual who is looking to start doing something new, exciting and FUN that can be demanding but pushes your buttons both mentally and physically?

  • Are you bored with traditional gym training and looking for new ways to lose weight and improve your fitness, training that draws you in and delivers on a regular basis?

  • Have you found yourself in a dangerous or frightening situation where you felt helpless and wished you knew what to do?

Learn Krav Maga.  Endorsed by hundreds of law enforcement agencies and military units all over the world, it is the most realistic and natural self-defense training system available. The system is practiced by tens of thousands of civilians just like you.

Our dedicated expert level instructors are passionate in delivering the unique combination of a great total body workout and the highest level of self-defense training. We are committed to teach in a safe and controlled environment.


Our belief is that we strengthen our society by increasing the personal safety and awareness levels in our students.


Don’t wait to start training, book your induction class today.



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