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MMA / Submission Grappling Kingston 


We are pleased to announce our new MMA and Submission Grappling classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 20.00pm.

Join our classes co learn how to dominate the opponent, throw powerful punches and kicks, absorb impact, and be able to absorb a constant application of force. Inprove your power, speed and endurance

The training program we provide addresses all of the above qualities with out compromising one another.  


 KMT team is pleased to work together with experienced new instructor joining the team who can coach you to achieve your goals and compete should you choose to.


Tihon is not only a great fighter but has experience in creating excellent training sessions so you get the best out of every class.

INSTRUCTOR - Tihon Demovsky


Tihon was born in Russia and began training Wrestling at the age of 9. It was soon clear he had a real talent in this area and then started training boxing alongside wrestling at the age of 12. At 14 he moved to Bulgaria and focused more on his boxing training for the next three years. He began compeating in both Wrestling and Boxing at just 17 years old. At this time he also restarted his grappling training and began training for MMA and at 18 competed in his first MMA Tournament. Only four years later he placed 1st in the professional MMA Open in Bulgaria. Tihon continued to compete in and win many awards in tournaments across Europe for a further 5 years in MMA, Wrestling and Boxing. The previous two years before moving to the UK, Tihon has spent his time coaching at Pitbull Grappling Club in Sofia, Bulgaria.



2nd place - Combat International Wrestling Sofia Open 2014

1st Place - Professional MMA Open 2012 in Ring, November, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 

2nd Place - Professional Cage Fights WRKO Real Kech Tournament 2011 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria 

Bulgarian Boxing Cup 2010 in Yambol, Bulgaria

1st place - Bulgarian Boxing Cup 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria

1st place - OFP Tournament 2003 in Moldova

Also participated in many other Martial Arts tournaments


Pitbulls Submission Grappling brought home the medals again!

NAGA Fighter 16.04.2016

Tihon and the team did a great job at the NAGA fighter 2016 competition bringing home gold and bronze medals.

Thanks to everyone that was a part of preparing for this competition and who is a part of the Pitbulls Family.

Congratulations to Ivan Kolev held onto his gold medal in a hard fight against a fighter from10 Planets club from Birmingham, he was really good on the floor but Ivan won in the end using some really great wrestling skills. 

Tihon won his fight against Marselo Garcia club, great fight, neither wanted to back down but Tihon won in the end with a sub inside heel hook.

Watch Tihons fight here

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